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Multi treatment and multi-person discounts

For some a single treatment in a specific area will be sufficient, for most a series of treatments in the same area spaced 6 weeks apart will be required to obtain the desired results, usually 2 or 3.

This has major cumulative benefits compared to single treatments.

We offer a range of discounts for booking of multiple treatments along with additional discounts for multiple person treatments.

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December 2023 Promotion!

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Cost Of Cryolipolysis from Lipo Sculpt Islington And Comparison Benefits:

Lipo Sculpt Cryolipolysis Islington is a fat-freezing procedure that does not involve any surgery or anaesthetic, unlike liposuction.

This method does not require any recovery time that may lay you off from your usual activities. It’s also cheaper as compared to similar procedures, and unlike others, it does not come with the risks associated with surgery and anaesthetic such as infection and subdermal breeding.

 After the procedure, you will have a new body shape in the area treated in 6-12 weeks time that is more or less permanent. Nevertheless, if you gain some significant amount of weight in future, the new fat cells will develop including the treated area.

The new fat cells that you obtain post-treatment should make your body more pleasing even if all other body parts increase. 

The process is most suitable for those that have many fat cells and exercise alone cannot obliterate them.

The Procedure isn’t good for some people

However, there are some people that this Lipo Sculpt Cryolipolisis Islington procedure is not appropriate for them especially the ones with medical body stressing symptoms and the ones with a high number of body fat and the number of treatment would make it expensive, and the result may be less noticeable.

The Cryolipolysis Islington procedure was comfortable that you can enjoy your favourite pass time while you are undergoing treatment.

During the treatment, you just need to sit or lie down for long like an hour and the rest is the consultant’s responsibility to conduct the process.

Unlike other fat removal procedures, Lipo Sculpt Cryolipolysis Islington has no downtime. After the process, you can carry out with your daily activities right after the process.

Results from this method of fat freezing are long-lasting unlike other alternatives, and you will experience some constant changes in your body shape for some weeks or months after the treatment.

Final result of the Cryolipolysis Islington treatment will be seen after three months as the fats keep on destroying by themselves even after the treatment.

That way you can keep the new result for a long time. Reduction in fat cells in the body may vary in cost depending on the area of the body. Some areas may require more than one visit to the doctor thus expensive.

However, compared to other fat cells removing alternatives, Lipo Sculpt Islington cryolipolysis offers value for money as its comfortable, fewer risks and provide long-lasting results.

If you have a problem with excessive fat in the body, now you know all the benefits of cryolipolysis Islington, and you can avail of treatment with much confidence that your problem will be sorted.

Pros and Cons, Cost Comparisons and Longevity of the Following Weight loss Methods.

A good diet is another alternative that can be used to freeze fat off the body. It has been said excessive fat intake of the wrong kind of food increase fat grains in the body.



Using it is cheap.

It’s easy and straightforward to use.

It’s comfortable as compared to other forms.

It not associated with risks of surgery.

Has long-lasting results.



Take a long time for the results to occur.


Compared to other fat freezing alternatives Islington, the cost of diet as a great freezing method is cheaper as it involves buying food from grocery stores. However, this method takes longer to achieve results, unlike other procedures.

Whether you want to lose 30 or 40 Ibs or just a few drops of the stubborn fat on your waist or any other parts of the body, pills and supplements are a popular route to go. More people are turning to this option as they want instant results. 


The pills and supplements claim to work by reducing ones appetite and increasing your body’s fat-burning rate and also reduce the rate at which your body absorbs fat.




Achieve instant results.


It is easy to access as they are available on the counter.


They are comfortable to use as compared to other alternatives.


They can get rid of those fats that exercise and diet has failed to destruct.


You can take the diet pills Islington and continue with your daily activities.




Associated with side effects in the future.


Not recommended for people with diabetes or high cholesterol.


Doctors will only prescribe pills to people with a BMI of 30 or higher.


The cost of pills and supplements may vary depending on where you are purchasing them from. However, they are cheap as compared to other methods. The period for them to achieve results is short, and it’s highly preferred by people who want instant results.

Having a personal trainer to assist in freezing fat off the body is also a nice way to go whether you want to lose a huge amount or less fat. The whole process can be rigorous, but if you want to achieve success, you will have to put up with it.




A personal trainer can easily be accessed.


There are no side effects associated with fat freezing method.


Personal trainers are cheap as compared to other forms.


There is no downtime associated with a personal trainer.




Using personal trainer to freeze fat may take a long time to achieve results.


Hiring a personal trainer Islington may be expensive.


The cost of hiring personal trainers may vary depending on the type of coach or the place where you are living. However, the period taken by a personal trainer to achieve results is longer as it involves rigorous exercise.

Using this procedure to remove fats from the body is preferred to others because of the lack of side effects associated with surgery and anaesthetic.




Gym and cardio target certain areas of the body where some procedure may not reach which includes thighs and hips.


The process is purely natural, so there are no side effects associated.


There is no downtime when undergoing this procedure so you will continue with your daily activities.




Takes quite a long time for the results to be seen.


Gym and cardio may take much of your time.


The cost of gym and cardio as a process of freezing fat is cheap as compared to other means as it only involves enrolling in the neighbourhood gym and cardio. The longevity of gym and cardio to achieve the result is long as compared to other alternatives.



It increases your confidence in front of people.


Reduces the risks of cardiovascular problems such as heart attack.


Reduces the chances of high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and joint pain.


Results will not take long to become visible.


You can continue with your activities after the procedure.



You will have to undergo surgery that may not work at the first attempt.


It will take close to three weeks to see its effects.


May have side effects from surgery.


Healing from this procedure is a gradual process.


You may also experience blood clots.


The cost of this procedure is a bit expensive as compared to other substitutes and it takes 3-4 weeks for the results to be visible.



Lipo wraps detox your body and reduces your chances of diseases such as diabetes.


Results will not take long to become visible.


There is no extended downtime so you can continue with your activities with the procedure.




There are side effects that may come later.


It will sometimes take for the results to be useful.


The procedure is expensive to carry out.


Compared to other fat freezing alternatives, this system is costly to conduct, and the result takes a short time to become active.



Improves and tightens sagging skin.


It’s clinically proven results.


No requirement for anaesthesia or sedation.


No incisions with this procedure.


There are no risks of infections unlike in surgical procedures.


There is no downtime.


Results can be seen after one treatment.




The procedure is expensive to carry out.


Compared to other fat freezing alternatives, this process is costly to conduct, but it takes a short time for the results to be visible, i.e., one visit.


Lots of protein may help you maintain your body weight as protein contributes to reduce appetite and promote fullness of the body. Protein increases the particular number of hormones in the body that initiates certain factors that are required to maintain body weight


Also eating breakfast may help you achieve your body weight goals as it tends to have healthier habits overall. Be mindful of carb intakes and lift weights regularly.


Getting adequate sleep will help in weight management by keeping your energy levels high and your hormones under control.

Exercises regularly play a significant role in maintaining your weight. It may burn extra calories from your body and increase your body metabolism. When your energy level is balanced, you will burn the same number of calories as those that you consume, and the result is that your weight is likely to stay the same. 


A Higher level of exercises may be necessary for successful weight maintenance. Physical activities are the most important aspect of weight maintenance when it’s combined with other lifestyle changes like a healthy diet.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your body and may hinder your body weight goals. Drinking more water is helpful for weight maintenance as it promotes fullness and may help keep your calorie intake in balance.


 Drinking water regularly will promote fullness and increase your metabolism which is a significant factor in your weight management.